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About Indiana National Day of Prayer

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About Indiana National Day of Prayer
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Hello, my name is Tom Walker, the state coordinator for the Indiana National Day of Prayer "Prayer Force". Allow me to explain to you about the Indiana National Day of Prayer (IN-NDP) and how we seek to unite individuals, churches, and ministries to form a prayer network to seek God for the healing of our nation and to pray for the strengthening of families. Through a united effort of prayer, our state and nation can be changed!


church leaders how to establish and maintain effective prayer ministries.

a practical prayerful focus in churches, small groups, organizations and with individuals as a prayer missionary to our state.

the over 300 coordinators across our state with training, encouragement and prayer so that they might hold larger more impactful events of ecumenical Christian public prayer.

to our Statehouse and the local offices our state leaders (ministers, education, judicial, family, media, government) to pray with them and their staff.

a vigil of praying volunteers while the Statehouse is in session.

a weekly bible study conducted in the Statehouse chapel and in the larger offices for all interested government workers.

These studies are augmented by a series of special events like our Polity and Principal luncheons. These luncheons feature leading members of the legislator and public figures who share how a statesman’s private faith impacts public service.

Ask yourself and those you care about "Is living peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness in our cities and state worth your support?"

IN-NDP's Guiding Principles:

With the understanding that the Indiana National Day of Prayer's primary reason for existence is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to pray for revival in our state and nation, we have firm beliefs about both the Christian faith and the importance of prayer. These principles are drawn from the wisdom of the Bible and the Judeo-Christian ethic, rather than from the humanistic notions of today's theorists. We support the Lausanne Covenant.
Indiana Statehouse South Atrium
Indiana Statehouse South Atrium

We believe
that the ultimate purpose in living is to know and glorify God and to attain eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord, beginning within our own families and then reaching out to a suffering humanity that does not know of His love and sacrifice.

We believe
that the institution of marriage was intended by God to be a permanent, lifelong relationship between a man and a woman, regardless of trials, sickness, financial reverses or emotional stresses that may ensue.

We believe
that children are an heritage from God and a blessing from His hand. We are therefore accountable to Him for raising, shaping and preparing them for a life of service to His Kingdom and to humanity.

We believe
that human life is of inestimable worth and significance in all its dimensions, including the unborn, the aged, the widowed, the mentally handicapped, the less attractive, the physically challenged and every other condition in which humanness is expressed from conception to the grave.

We believe
that God has ordained three basic institutions — the family, the church and the government — for the benefit of all humankind. The family exists to propagate the races and to provide a safe and secure haven in which to nurture, teach and love the younger generation. The church exists to minister to individuals and families by sharing the love of God and the message of repentance and salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. The government exists to maintain cultural equilibrium and to provide a framework for social order.

We believe
that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man or woman avails much and can bring about revival in our state and nation. Therefore INDP will work to network with others for the cause of Christ. Prayer does reach the heart of God and will make a difference in the family, in the church and in government.

Participation of Non-Judeo-Christian Groups

The National Day of Prayer was created by an act of Congress and is therefore intended for all peoples of faith to pray to the God of their understanding. However, our expression of that involvement is specifically limited to the Judeo-Christian heritage and to those who share that conviction. If peoples of other faiths wish to celebrate in their own tradition, they are welcome to do so but we must be true to those who have supported this effort and volunteered their time to promote it. National Day of Prayer is not a function of the government and, therefore, a particular expression of it can be defined by those who choose to organize it. It is not a church/state issue.

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