Welcome to the Governors' Prayer Team
Our purpose is to call people to pray for all those in authority.

Thank you for becoming a "Charter Partner"

A few snap shots of some of the we have made along the way.

Meeting with IN Congressman Steve Buyer

Meeting with IN Congressman Mike Pence

Another meaningful meeting with a true gentleman Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter.

Meeting with IN Congressman John N. Hostettler in Washington DC winner of the Christian Statesman award 2004

Meeting with Kristin Walker and Gubernatorial Candidate Mitch Daniels at the Columbia Club discussing world issues.

What a privilege it was to attend Mitch's Gala Dinner on the eve of his inauguration.

Among those attending Mitch's Gala dinner was Mitch's mentor IN Senator Richard Lugar.

Who better to meet up with at Mitch's inauguration than the true gentleman and former Indiana Governor IN Sen. Evan Bayh.

Meeting with Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita in his office at the Indiana Statehouse. I am moved by Todd's Christian principals and energy.

My friends at the Center for Christian Statesmanship where I spoke at a luncheon held in the Canon House Caucus Room. Pictured L-R Jennifer Smith, Ragan Thompson and Lisa Wink

"Your Prayers and compassion are a source of great strength to me." Governor Bob Riley, Alabama

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